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Services that tell themselves with quality and perfection. Your industrial and residential safety is our priority. Get the best local pests control Bellevue WA services at your doorstep.
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Commercial Pest Control

Whether it’s the workplace or living areas, daily life revolves around them. The responsibility of caring for these places can be rather challenging since it affects the customer’s experience deeply. In addition to safety and security, commercial places need pest control to ensure cleanliness. So get our centralized and cost-effective commercial pest control solutions for having an insect free working environment. Pestiva commercial pest control services work at all costs and ensure complete pest removal.

Residential Pest Control

There is nothing better than a comfortable and peaceful home to call your own. Almost every person aspires to have the home of their dreams. What happens if pests pose a threat to your living situation? Also, what about the safety of children from pesky pests? With Pestiva pest control, you don’t have to worry about anything when it comes to eco-friendly residential pest control. Our expedited pest removal services relieve you from discomfort and enable you to bring back quality sleeping nights.
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Fumigation Services

Fumigation services are the most crucial part of pest control. As the fumigation process employees science and technology thus it could be toxic if proper preventive measures are not considered. At Pestiva Pest Control, we emphasise our client security and delivers 100% safe fumigation services. Within our fumigation services, there would be no removal than pests only. Also, your food and wearable remain detoxicated and no harm to your pets.

Protect Your Home and Business Against Pests With Pestiva Pest Control Experts Bellevue Washington

At Pestiva Pest control you will get hands-on with the best and expert pest exterminator Bellevue WA team that is quick and skilled in their duty. Our full range of pest control makes us unique among other pest control in Bellevue local community.
Stinging insect control in Bellevue washington
Any insect that can make bite humans and cause different types of illness and swelling is called stinging insects. We are a local stinging insect control service provider and make sure you are protected from all those insects.
bees control service in bellevue wa
Bees are smaller in size than wasps and are different in species. In every species, they can become a headache to you by disturbing daily life. Avoid them entering your house with our best bee control tactics.
wasp control services in bellevue washington
Wasps are bigger than normal flies but they can bite brutally and their bitten area can cause swelling. Wasps mostly love to make nests near the watery areas. So your home washing place or washroom may become their second home, before that let us stop exterminate them.
Mosquito control and removal service in bellevue wa
Though the market is flooded with mosquito repellents but this is not the permanent solution for mosquito controlling. You may need to adopt some best resources to make your home fresh and furnished from Mosquitos.
rodent control and extermination services in Bellevue Washignton
Rodents are the biggest problem in Bellevue WA. According to research analysis, there are 56% rodents among all the pests in Bellevue. And you might be well aware of how dangerous they could be. So don’t make your living tough and harmful and hire professionals for rodent control in Bellevue.
spider control and extermination service in bellevue washington
Spiders are messy pests and they can create a huge mess with their web. Your whole Bellevue house may look trashy and old with webs all around. So hire us the best pest exterminators Bellevue WA and furnish your home before the entrance.
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Ticks are harmful ever pests for the human body and animals equally. But primarily they transfer and enter into a home through the human body or greenery. Once a single tick entered, you would be unable to tackle with them. Also, Lyme disease which causes by tick bites can become your headache. So wipe out the threatening facial sweat and leave it to us, the best pest control Bellevue WA service providers.
termites control and removal service in bellevue washington
Termites are tiny and hard to discover pests that may not apparently damage your home but to wooden structure. Basically, they are harmful in the sense that they can damage your wooden furniture brutally and it starts breaking. So wipe them out before they kick out every single chip of wood.
Cockroach control services in Bellevue washington
Cockroaches are commonly found in every kitchen area of the home. They are supposed to be controlled as they can cause threat disease in children. We have the latest technology to cater with cockroaches control in Bellevue WA.
ant control services in bellevue washington (2)
Ants are the oldest pests on earth. They are in a variety of species but the most commonly found pests in Bellevue are odorous house ant and carpenter ants. These two types of ants can demolish your entire house furniture and food. Thus get control over it before they invade your house.
flea control service in Bellevue wa
Fleas are the most dangerous and disease-spreading pests. They grew up in the coats of pets and then make an entrance in soft carpets and other gadgets in the home. As they suck the animal blood, they can cause severe illness to children by moving on the floor. Get our fast action solution and make your home and pets flea-free.
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Bed bugs are the worst ever pest in Bellevue WA. It starts conquering the room in the midnight period and can create threat issues in children and sleeplessness. Make your children’s sleep healthier by acquiring our affordable pest control Bellevue services.

Why Pestiva Pest Control in Bellevue is the best choice

Pestiva is making quality differences in their services of Pest control in Bellevue, wa so that people can acquire what they are looking for. By holding some gems and qualities, we are the best pest removal & exterminators in the Bellevue region. These are some individualities which let you know about choosing us

Green Solutions

Our team stresses the importance of keeping the environment safe more than any other aspect. Thus, regardless of how bad the pest problem is, we will still deal with it effectively. Green processes do not harm the nature around your property.

100% Satisfaction – Guaranteed!

We believe in gaining customer loyalty despite the money, therefore it is ensured that our pest exterminating services are guaranteed and satisfying. We treat our customers like our own community, wipe out your sweat as your pests removal tension is now our challenge

Free Estimation

Our company offers fully tailored services and prices. This is why we keep operating in a manner that is consistent with the timeframes we promised. You can schedule a free estimate to learn about the process and estimate in detail.

Industry experience

Being the field experts, we know how it’s important to unearth each and every authentication of a local company. Therefore Pestiva is not just a company but a team of agile pest control service providers with 5 years of industry experience.

Competitive pricing

We are the only company offering professional and local services at the lowest prices. To stand out in the market, we guarantee to deliver the best and charge the lowest. So check out our prices by getting a free estimate.

Licensed and authenticated

Being a pest control company in Washington, it is necessary to be licensed for the services. Therefore Pestiva is a professional local company, fully proven for authenticity. We are licensed by USPMPA and WSPA for pest prevention and removal services. .

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Most frequent questions and answers
For people moving to a new apartment or renting a house, you will need pest control services at least quarterly, if not twice a month. Otherwise, regular homeowners may require pest control services on a contract basis once every three or six months.
Look for evidence of infestation anywhere on the wall, if there are dirty splotches, then you have flies or if you have cracks in your walls, then you have ants. There may also be other signs of infestation in your home.
It has been observed that rodents are the most prevalent type of pest in Bellevue, Washington. They make up 66% of the total amount of pests there. Additional species include ants, flies, mosquitoes, and other pests.
In addition to damaging your property, they can also spread disease among children and livestock.
Some visits to infested areas only would be made. They would assess the spaces where pests are targeting, as well as the areas that needed to be cleaned. All the things necessary for pest control would be checked during that visit.
There are no specified prices for pest control packages or plans. It takes different things into consideration for estimating a cost for pest control. Therefore it is advised to consult before asking for a pest control service.
Some visits to infested areas only would be made. They would assess the spaces where pests are targeting, as well as the areas that needed to be cleaned. All the things necessary for pest control would be checked during that visit.
Pests can cause various types of contamination including food contamination and spreading diseases. For instance, rodents can bite and spoil every food in its way. Flies and ants can spread diseases among humans and animals.
Yes, we are definitely offering the best and organic pest control service in Bellevue, Washington. You can read our whole services and the year of experience we have.

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