About Pestiva Pest Control

About Pestiva

Who We Are

A leading commercial and residential pest control firm in Bellevue, Pestiva provides quality services and eliminates every single threatening pest from your home. We are an inspection-based firm that offers proper measures after inspection to guide our clients. Our team of experts with sound knowledge of every species of pests can give you the results that blush your mind. For making your lifestyle pests free, you can dial us any time anywhere. We are there to reply to your queries within 24 hours and make your home worth living.

Where We Operate

We are a local company providing customer-centered pest management services in Bellevue, Washington. Our technicians properly know that environmental safety and proprietor protection must be a top goal when removing pests. With this motto, we are the leading pest controllers in Bellevue, WA.

The Services Which Are At Fingertips

Our team has a vast experience of 5 years, so we now offer every type of pest control service. We are comfortable in delivering the most effective services, including;

Our Expert Staff That Caters To The Problem Easily

Pestiva pest control is not your typical pest control company because of its knowledgeable and experienced staff. We have achieved a considerable level of success with the hardworking Pestiva staff and their knowledge-based solutions for every home infestation.
We employ the most qualified local pest experts that are well-versed in the local temperature and construction type. Through the use of general knowledge and the understanding of zoology, we effectively deal with pests.
Our knowledge-based solutions that work at all costs make sure that there is no single pest remained. We are courteous to make our customers acknowledged with different preventive measures that can help stop the invasion of pests in your home for the second time.

Our Certification & Authenticity

There could be no local resident who agrees on getting a person’s services or a company not certified by the Washington pest management authority. Therefore, it’s not a new thing that we are the winning service provider of Bellevue, Washington.
We are here with 5 years of experience and the certification of WSPMA (Washington state pest management association). Not only the certificate, but USPMPA also legalizes us to operate in Bellevue, WA.
Our staff is expert in their duties and always prioritize quality overpricing. Our customer support and 24/7 availability in emergencies and consultation make us the best pest control service provider in the region.

How Challenging it Becomes

Though it looks immensely easier to cope up with pests but it’s not actually. What we face during pest controlling is not describable.
Pests are not countable to flies and mosquitos only. Every small crawling or flying organism that can harm or bite you is counted as a pest and is included in pest control services. Therefore, many times the pests are arriving from those spaces where you would never wish to go.
For instance, rodents are the toughest pests in Bellevue to control as they can bite very brutally, and you may fall ill. Also, it demands the courage to go into their tunnels and the dirty space where they make their colonies.
Many times our team members faced illness and some serious disease due to biting of pests and crawls. A typical example was previously noticed back in 2017 where we were on duty like usual days. Our team member was removing the nests of yellow flies. They attacked him, and he fell seriously ill.
So it all starts from challenges to illness. It’s not easier but we make it all cleaned and comfortable living for our customers. This is what today we are here with the largest numbers of customers in the region.

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