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Disinsectisation is a process that becomes a headache most of the time. Especially while living in Bellevue, you may decide to live with ants if you are planning to renting or owning a house. But for the sake of these bloody ants, we cannot afford solitude from our community.

What’s the best solution is exterminating all the ants from the house. It demands the most upgraded and eco-friendly solution. Seems impossible to annihilate them? Don’t worry, as Pestiva is here with the best ant control in Bellevue services.

With our cutting-edge solution to each home’s map and environment catering, you get entirely rid of ants and their colonies. With our more than 5 years of ant removal experience, exterminating ants and avoiding their second invasion becomes a handy task for us.

carpenter ant exterminator bellevue wa

Ant’s species, you need to know before booking a professional ant control in Bellevue.

carpenter ant removal bellevue wa

With the growing age of science and zoology, humans are getting connected with all those hidden species of animals which they have never seen before. Similarly happens in Bellevue, which is marked as having 8 different species of ants there.

These species may become your well financial killer with their colonies in your home. All these species demand professional control and exterminating completely. Here are some of these ants’ species and their controlling services you would get in a single click at Pestiva Pest Control.

  • Fire ant control

Fire ants are usually smaller in size and found in colonies in wet clay or soft clay parts of the home or garden. They can sting children and animals and can cause swelling and other types of issues. They can bite more than one time and become the reason for severe illness.

  • Pharaoh ants control

 Pharaoh ants are yellow in color and blackheads. They can cause severe illness and diseases like salmonella and Streptococcus pyogenes. They do not usually infest a home but some other smelly areas. But once they invaded your home, your living may become impossible.

  • Pavement ants control

Pavement ants are the most common blackish ants which are not dangerous to anything, either property or humans. But they can start covering your food once it got smelled by them.

  • Carpenter ant control

Carpenter ants are those ants that are found to weaken the structure of a home. They can start from furniture and can eat all the ins of hard things specially made of wood.

  • Red ant pest control

Fire Red ants are usually smaller in size and found in colonies in wet clay or soft clay parts of home or garden. They can sting children and animals and can cause swelling and other types of issues. They can bite more than one time and become the reason for severe illness.

  • Odorous ant control

Odorous ants are named odor as they can smell the sweet and bitter tastes and invade them. Their fundamental purpose of infesting is eating and spoiling the whole food and livestock.

Local Green pest control service that speaks itself

Due to the current condition of the environment and the pollution around us. We believe in delivering the best ant removal services that also prevent environmental damaging.

Our team of experts also knows the local green pest control options, which are not difficult to take charge of and exterminate every single colony of ants.  With organic ant control, you get rid of all ants’ species without disturbing the nature around you, definitely safe and sound for your pets and children.

At Pestiva Pest control, we always prioritize the safest ways for pest control. Our team is trained to cater to situations by considering the safety lines of your home and property. So want to make it ripped off; get our professional Ant control service in Bellevue.

ant control bellevue wa

Our unique Ant control services are not just about charging!

As a head of Pestiva, I believe in supplying the best services in Bellevue, WA. Therefore what makes us unique from our competitors is our family-friendly services. We are here to make pets friendly ant control and train you about stopping their reinvasion.

Our Zoology experts are qualified enough to make you handy with some easy-to-follow tips. By following our guidance and tips, you can prevent your home from ant’s infestation.

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Ant Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Basically, there are different species of ants which makes them addressing over human areas. For instance, Odorous ants can enter your home due to the sweet and jelly type foods. So there could be a variety of reasons which lets them enter in your house.

Surely, they are dangerous to your property and family members. Some species of ants can damage your wooden furniture and doors. And some of them can bite and cause swelling and other issues.

Without proper inspection, we cannot determine the actual costs. We need to check the area of your home and some other things. After a proper measurement you can get to know about ant controlling service costs.

Yes, red ants can bite and cause harmful impacts on the human body. You can search about it online there is a specific type of disease which occurs due to biting of ants or other pests.

Ants don’t live individually or based on eatables only. They can make their colonies anywhere in your house. Any place where ants live in gathering is called an ant colony.

Some species of ants like black ants can make their nests inside the walls. Most of the time you can see them crawling on walls and then suddenly hiding into it.

It’s not easier to get rid of ants on your own. As you may be able to kill some ants which you see in front of you but not the whole colony. Therefore, you would go with professional services for a permanent solution of ants.

Of course, it is one of the ant’s species that can fly and also crawl. They can bite humans as well as other objects and can spread diseases.

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