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You may get to know about the bed bugs by the name, but if not, don’t worry; Pestiva makes it easy to grab. Bed bugs are the tiniest type of bugs hiding themselves near beds and sofas. Basically, they fed on human blood and bite on skin.

If you think your bed was infested with bed bugs, pestiva pest control has the most effective bed bug elimination solution. We are here with 5 years of proven experience and no#1-bed bugs control in Bellevue Washington service providers.

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What does a bed bug look like

This is the most asked question as people didn’t have the proper knowledge. They are brownish color pests with a flat body. But once they feed themselves, their skin blows up, and become skinny.

At startup, Govt took serious steps on pest controlling in Bellevue, but by human’s carelessness, they started addressing homes and hid under the mattress and bite humans.

Need an Active & Immediate Bellevue Bed bugs Exterminator

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As I said above, they can be minor in size and didn’t harm property, but they can cause severe illness and skin issues if they continuously bite you.  Some of the common symptoms from which can prove bed bug infestation is red pimples on the skin.

With bed bugs sting, a human can feel discomfort, and they may stop sleeping and face sleeplessness issues. So, in that case, to prevent this discomfort, you need a professional and expert solution that fills up your dreams with love and ease.

What Pestiva delivers as Bed Bugs control Bellevue WA Company?

We know bed bugs extermination in Bellevue, WA, is not easy. It takes a lot of practice and some sensible solutions. Therefore at Pestiva pest control, your all headaches become our challenge.  We are leading the field of bed bug infestation with our cutting-edge solutions.

With the 5 years of proven experience and agility in bed bug removal, let us bring back your sleeping place. Our local experts with sound knowledge of bed bug removal make a solid inspection of your home and bedroom areas.

Within a thorough inspection, we are supposed to improvise a plan that guarantees 100% results at all costs. Not only this, but with the sprightliness of work, we make sure that our solutions go climate controlling and never harm rather than splashing the bloodsucker bed bugs.

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To sum up, a night of peaceful sleep is what we earn after a day-long struggle. And if we are not getting then what to do with hard-earned home. Let us flash them dexterously and deliver you the peace and result you expect from us. Dial us today and make your night moments memorable with a bed bugs-free room.

Worried About Reinvasion

Though a company always deliver the most suitable solution to your home problem. But these bed bugs may again get addressed to your home with some other things. Therefore, you can adopt some preservative measures that would help you stop bed bugs infestation;

  • Clean your luggage before arrival from the hotel.
  • Make sure that there is no blood spot on your bed sheet if found your bed is infested.
  • Don’t buy anything which is pre-used.
  • Change your bed sheet on a weekly basis.


Once you inspect that there are bed bugs, never try to kill them by own or spraying. Every pest problem requires a professional solution that can just kill pests, not humans. Therefore, it is advised to take weekly services or monthly for enjoying a pest-free life.

Do Not Let Your Sleep be Interrupted by Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, we are definitely offering the best and organic pest control service in Bellevue, Washington. You can read our whole services and the year of experience we have.

Bed bugs are the third most found pests in Washington State. They are getting more and more day by day. It’s all happening due to our own carelessness.

Basically, bed bugs are unique in their species. First of all, if something is biting you from bed, then there would be bed bugs. Also, you can see from the backside of your bed with a torchlight. They are mahogany brownish in color and can be flat or round in shape depending on feeding.

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