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Bees and wasps are pests from the same species as a parent branch. But bees work differently as they have different species. Some are helpful, like honey bees who produce honey, and some can cause mess and dirtiness. So if your Bellevue house gets infested, you can hire Pestiva pest control as the best bee control Bellevue WA services provider.

Tracing Bees Infestation & Bellevue Bee Removal

The climate of Bellevue plays a part in welcoming agents for bees. There are many species of bees which are still infesting Bellevue homes and residential area and causing problems. But how could you know that your home is infested or not?

There is no rocket science in bee infestation and treatment. For infestation, you can see that bees would be flying all around. They are attracted toward odor either sour, bitter, or sweet. They can also address home for the smell.

Thus, if you face tiny black dots on your cloth or a beehive on the corner of your wall, don’t ignore it. The more you efficiently adapt to bee extermination service in Bellevue, the easier it would be to control. For bee removal and beehive extermination, you can go with any bee control Bellevue WA Company.  But at Pestiva, you can also avail of an emergency bee removal service at your doorstep.

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Commonly Spreading Bee Species & Bellevue Bee Exterminator

As I said above, there are no single bee or flies species, you may experience a lot of species attacking your home. Some of them are going to be explained here to adopt proper bee treatment or beehive removal service;

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  • Honey Bee Removal;

Honey bees are the most found bee in Bellevue offices and home areas. These bees can build beehives in a larger diameter. Once they make their hive, they start producing honey which may attract other pests. Honey bee removal becomes crucial as it can bite humans, which can cause death. To recognize honey bees, you would see an orange body with black marks on it. Also, their head has some feathery coats.

  • Yellowjacket Extermination

Yellowjackets are similar to honey bees and can bite humans for no reason. These bees do not produce honey but make nests inside wall breakage. Yellowjacket extermination could also be done by own if there are one or two spots. For massive infestation, you may need a stinging insect control company.

  • Carpenter bee Removal

Carpenter bees, as by their name, could be recognized as bees nesting in wood. They are similar to bumblebee and lay eggs in wooden products.

How Pestiva Works as a Bee Control Bellevue WA Company?

As a professional company with 5 years of proven experience, Pestiva works smoothly for honey bee removal and other bee extermination. 

We have hired the best and top-notch local expert’s having sound knowledge of bees and their species. Thus, you need to book a free estimation and recognize which type of bee infestation your home is suffering.

Once we got about the bees infestation, our team of experts purpose a plan that works perfectly and delivers 100% result on your home. 

So don’t let your Bellevue home looking messy and office unprofessional. Schedule a free consultation and get a hand to your Pestiva bee control Bellevue WA services.

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Want Your Yard Free From Bees? 

Bee Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

There are no any fix costs of bee removal. You may need to schedule a call to know the actual quote as the prices depend on your area of infestation and other things.

No, you can’t remove a wasp net by yourself. A typical wasp nest has up to 15 wasps, and these wasps can attack you for serious injury.

Though a beehive won’t damage your property but it can give a messy look to your home. So beehive removal becomes crucial.

Bees can address your home due to a plethora of reasons. For instance, there could be trashy items that are causing odor and pollution.

No doubt, Pestiva Pest control cares about bees and beehive removal. But you can also do it by own with a simple and quick following method. Just sprinkle the cinnamon near the beehive for a week, and they would relocate automatically due to the smell of cinnamon.

It depends on the area and the species of bees. Some bees which are worthless and cause messing all-around could be killed with bee fumigation or insecticides. But bees like the honey bee are considered as livestock in the united states. So they are illegal to kill.

No bee swarms are not dangerous unless they get provoked by anything. They often do not bite humans when they are moving or flying from one thing to another. But when they are on beehive, irritating bee swarms may become dangerous.

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