Our Pest Control Services

Pestiva always proves itself one of the top choices in pest removal companies. We are aimed and determined to deliver the quality services that work at all costs. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking ant control, spider removal or bed bugs control, we are qualified in all types of pest control within the same day.

Stinging Insect Control

Stinging insects are supposed to be controlled, especially when it comes to family safety and security. Thus don’t compromise over stinging insects and call Pestiva for Quick Control.

Bees Control

Not every flying bee is just a single insect and not harming. It carries colonies and can lead to infinite harm to food and livestock. Let Pestiva Overcome this pesky situation and avoid bee infestation.

Wasp Control

There could be no worst enemy than a flying wasp. They can bite for no reason and left a lasting pain with brutal stings. Then why let them flying around your home and back yard? Fumigate Wasps with Pestiva’s Expert solution.

Mosquito Control

An ordinary mosquito repellent may not render its duties well, especially in summers, when the nights become hard to sleep. Don’t worry; our cost-effective solutions are here to let you calmed in the nights.

Rodent Control

Living in Bellevue doesn’t mean you need to suffer through rodents living at home. Pestiva’s local experts know well about Bellevue rodent species, and their extermination services guarantee 100% results.

Spider Control

Did you ever assume your home to be a trashy place? Don’t you want to enjoy luxuries and a clean life? Then why neglecting the spider webs in corners? Call Pestiva and let them estimate the appropriate solutions.
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Tick control

When it comes to tick infestation, you should be careful about it. You might not be aware of it, but it can lead to severe diseases in pets and humans. Thus don’t ignore if your pets are repeatedly itching.

Termite control

Termites are the most ferocious pests harming hiddenly. You can’t trace them on your own, but a professional can do. Thus having a professional hand is always best to secure your property from severe damage.
Cockroach control services in Bellevue washington

Cockroach Control

Food Poisoning and livestock damaging are not affordable at any cost. Also, when children get threat disease from cockroaches, It becomes crucial to overcome cockroaches within a day.
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Ant Control

Foods are not favorites to humans only. Pests can also approach it even you hide it or lock it in your kitchen spaces. Ants are those pests that can be addressed to your home with food odor; pinch it all before they make your living tough.
flea control service in Bellevue wa

Flea Control

Fleas are attracted to soft coats and space to grew up with plenty of food and blood. But once they sting humans or animals, they won’t leave but die. So get our Flea control services and enjoy a safe and healthy surroundings.
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Bed bugs control

A bed of peaceful sleep is no more than a blessing on earth. Also, we can’t spoil our night moments when bed bugs are there, Eliminating them with professional bed bugs control services.