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Property-Safer Termite Control Service in Bellevue Washington

Termites are becoming the second toughest challenge to control in Bellevue, Washington.

They are in different colors and species and can cause severe damage to your property.

Nowadays, we are living in a society where building a home and then buying its furniture is like living hand to mouth.

Termites are the worst pests that only target your wooden furniture and can also your fruity garden trees.

They damaged plants and fruits could also be dangerous for human health.

So if you don’t want to parish, your all hard-earned furniture and home, Dial us for the best termite control in Bellevue Washington services.

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Identification of Termites and Termite Exterminator in Bellevue Washington

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Termites are the pests that become difficult to identify, especially when their season of attacking arrives. They could be in the shape of bees and in white color with a brownish head. Most of the time, they hid in mud tubes and fed on wood.

If you want to ensure the termite infestation, you can look for wooden powder under furniture or rotten areas of wooden siding on room doors. There could be many other signs like swarms in spring rains.

Though termite inspection may seem more manageable to you, but it’s not. Our local professionals are expert in making termite treatment that works and emphasizes the safety living.


We are the best termite control company in Bellevue, with 5 years of a bespoke experience. All the solutions we utilize to splash and vanish out termites go green and eco-friendly. The purpose behind termite removal is not to relieving you from pests and let you live in a poisoned nature. You can book a quick consultation with our local experts and get recognized with our fully tailored green solutions.

Bellevue Termite Removal and Some Easy to Follow tips

Pestiva always emphasis customers’ safety. Therefore with our proven experience and sound knowledge of local climate, we always create some easy-to-follow tips that can help you stop termites infestation.

Termites inspection from outside doesn’t mean there are only outside of your house or damaging your trees. Their most beloved and only feed is wood. Also, termites are addressed to areas having moisture and wood.

So to ensure complete safety and avoid invasion of termites in the home, here are some termite exterminating and prevention tips which you can follow and live in a termite-free home.


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  • Inspect your gutters that either they are leaking or not if you find paint moisture near them. Thoroughly call a plumber and repair the leakage.
  • Make sure that your garden pipes and gutters are working properly.
  • Coat your furniture with an oil coating or other type of liquid to avoid moisture.
  • Call professional pests inspection every thrice a year.


The search for professionals and experts ends here at Pestiva pest control as we have the No#1 termite control in Bellevue Washington services that approaches in the same day. To acquire our result-driven and light-footed services call us and booking an inspection.

Don’t let Termites Damaging Your  Property 

Termite Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Usually, it takes the same day or more for proper killing after treatment. But the time period can exceed due to weather conditions and the average of infestations.

Why not! You can easily stay in your home after termite treatment. At Pestiva pest control, you won’t get any solution that harms you or your family. We care about customer’s health and safety; therefore, you can stay and live at your home fearlessly with our climate-smooth solutions.

Being a professional pest control company, we always utilize solutions that last longer. But we cannot claim the reinvasion of termites as they can come back if the prevention measure is ignored. This is why we always define the preventive measures first and then go with a quick effecting solution.

According to standard and commonly found species of termites, they can make a home under the earth. But you can easily recognize their infestation from wooden pierced powder under furniture or room siding. There could be other symptoms like rotten trees and moisture in wall paint.

One of the most basic and largest differences between dry wood and subterranean termite is their nest places—dry wood termites nest in woods and subterranean termite nests under the ground. But the intentions of both these termites are to eat and weaken the structure of your furniture.

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