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Summer welcomes the enjoyment and gatherings of families in Bellevue but also some troubles. These troubles are pesky pests. One of these pests which is more painful to human and harming children is wasp.

When you see a wasp flying above your head, consider you are in the danger zone of brutal bites. Wasp can bite multiple times and cause severe pain. So don’t let your body suffering through crucial times when there is season of enjoyment. Call Pestiva pest control, the leading wasp control Bellevue WA company.

Some Quick Symptoms to Recognize Wasp Infestation

Wasp is very brutal in case of ignoring. Wasps are the only pests that can make hives in different places and types.

 As there are more than 50000 species of wasps so it could be challenging to recognize that either your home is infested or not.

Some common wasp infestation symptoms are wasp hives. Wasp can build hives to invite their families to that specific place.

 They build hives on tree branches and roof corners. Some of them can even live inside the wall breakages.

The second symptom of wasp infestation is flying all around and sitting on flowers and water areas. So if you see any one of

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How Could Wasps be Dangerous?

Yes, of course, wasps are dangerous and can bite brutally. Wasps usually make hives in that home where they infest. They can bite humans walking near their nests and the food they are attracted to. Most wasps are not causing any severe disease, but their bitten area start swelling and redness.

Usually, wasps control becomes crucial when they built hives inside the home. They may attack you in packs and can bite you continuously. Their continued sting may cause death due to severe pain and wounds. So if you see any wasp hive, hire any expert wasp hive removal company that helps you save your family before they attack.

Bellevue Wasp Extermination and Wasp Control Bellevue WA

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We know it’s not easier to live in a house full of stinging pests. Wasps are one of those pests which stings for no reason. But in the summer season, we have planned a lot to do.

 These wasps can spoil and expel all your functions and gathering out when they are in the house.

Therefore, don’t sit back and bear the pain and swelling. You can go with Pestiva, a company having the best local experts with more than 5 years of experience. 

Pestiva Pest control employee the latest tactics and resources to help you get rid of these biting pests. So call Pestiva pest control to get the best wasp control Bellevue WA services.


Some Preventive Measures to Avoid Wasps Entering Your Home

Wasp treatment is not enough to ensure the complete and permanent wasp removal in Bellevue, WA. Hence you need to follow some extraordinary things to ensure that wasps won’t aim your home for the next time. Here are some preventions;

  • By hanging wasp decoy

Wasps decoy is the fake wasp hives created to keep wasps away in the pre-summer days. When the weather changes, the queen wasp starts to look for a place for hiding and feeding. These wasps queens would never hive on the place where there are already wasps are living.

So you can mislead the queen wasp and do wasp control on your own. Just hang these wasps decoy in your trees and home entrance to keep them away.

  • Cover the trash bins and do not plant flowers having sweet juices.
  • Open water sources like pools and plant pots should be emptied.
  • Check your lawn and fill the holes and tunnels created by other pests to avoid yellow jacket wasps.
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Though these tips would be working to stop wasps addressing your home but you need a pro’s hand when it got a serious infestation. You can ask Pestiva experts and book free estimation to implement a strategy cleaning all the wasps. Thus if you want an effective wasp removal service, call Pestiva Pest control.

Wasp Stings Are Intolerable Call Pestiva for Wasp Control

Wasp Control FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

No wasp nests do not make noises. But they can create individually when they fly to bite humans.

Yes, they are dangerous and can bite brutally. Their bitten area causes swelling and redness with severe pain. Sometimes you need to visit a doctor if your skin is allergic.

There are no standard rates for wasp removal. As every company follows its own process and resources, so wasp removal cost varies. You can call us 24/7 to book a free estimation.

Wasp and bees have different physique appearances. Bee has hairs on its body and is a thin waist. While on the other hand, wasps are slim waist with four wings and flat shinny body.

Wasps and bees can eat various things, including nectar of flowers and sweet dishes. They flew over multiple items and took some bites.

There is no longer time to wait for wasps to die. They got knockdown quickly just after applying the spray.

No, they won’t return to the sprayed nest, but they can build a new one if the precautionary measures are not followed correctly.

No, they won’t die until you pinch them off. They will fly away and then bite again if they get the chance.

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